Life is a beautiful gift…

Life is a beautiful gift of God to humankind.  It is to enjoy to the fullest.  It is the Fathers pleasure to give to his children life more abundantly.  Life still is the most beautiful gift of all when it traces itself back to the author and the beginner of life, the Lord Jesus Christ.  Life without God looses its value and purpose.  Morality is God’s value, not man’s invention.  God and morality are inseparable and that is why men cannot define one without the other.

At LifeWay Family Worship Center, we define life as the expression of Gods love through Jesus Christ.  He expressed his ultimate love when he laid his life down for us.  His ultimate desire was to share the life in himself with us.

Marriage is only between a man and a woman and the institution of the family is the ultimate expression of Gods creation upon the earth so that he can express his love through us.   Therefore, we at LifeWay Family Worship Center understand the value of each individual as well as the family through knowing Gods instruction by the teaching of the word of God.

At LifeWay Family Worship Center, we begin to experience life when we fully trust God and his word as it is expressed by our faith through the obedience of his word.  People from all races and colors and languages come to LifeWay Family Worship Center to experience Gods word and His presence and in return share their experiences with others.  Everyone at LifeWay Family Worship Center express their experiences, as “I never knew Life was going to be this good!”

We encourage you to come and to be a part of this wonderful family of God that sees neither color nor race but sees Gods face in you.

Life is truly wonderful at LifeWay Family Worship Center!

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